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“In order to gain clarity sometimes, you have to declutter.”-me. In order to gain clarity sometimes you have to declutter. Click To Tweet This past weekend I spent some time clearing out my closet. For the past few months, I’ve been really fascinated with the idea of minimalism. The idea of being intentional about everything that’s in my life. One

A List Of Things That Keep Me Going When I'm Over It by Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com 1
A List Of The Things That Keep Me Going When I’m Over It.

  This post contains affiliate links.  Which means if you decide to purchase an item I have linked I will receive a portion of the sales to keep this blog going! Thanks for the support 😘 I am all about that– positive thinking, keep going, your dreams are on the other side of your comfort zone– life, but there are

What The Heck Is A Jade Roller And Why Am I So Obsessed With It By Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com 1
What The Heck Is A Jade Roller? And Why I Am Obsessed With It!

This post contains affiliate links. A few weeks ago my bestie and I took a trip to Scratch Goods and got our DIY Facials on and popping! One tool that we used during the facial was a Jade Roller. Now when co-owner Elizabeth instructed us to use it, we were like; “What the heck is this?”. Turns out it’s a weapon

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Need Some Gift Inspiration? Check Out Pretty Brown Box

I hate to admit it but as of late, I have been a terrible gift giver. 😔 I used to put so much thought and care into my gifts but recently I’ve been about that-“Here just take this gift card”– life. I mean come on, I cannot be the only person that gets completely stressed out when it comes to finding