2018: My Year Of Discipline, Focus + Rest.

2018 My Year Of Discipline By Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com 1

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For the most part, my discipline game is strong. So if I have work that needs to get done– I gets it done. I don’t care how sleepy I am, how over it I am or if a new episode of Love And Hip Hop is on–If I need to sit my tail down and focus, I can and I will. But for whatever reason, I just couldn’t get my discipline on and popping the last few months of 2017. Why? Well, to be honest, I just didn’t feel like it. Life was getting a little crazy, I was tired and quite frankly over it.

Now, normally I am slaying NRJ content left and right NO MATTER WHAT! Breakups, sickness, car accidents–whatever, I’m still getting my NRJ on!  Seriously, if I’m not at work, you can catch me behind my laptop writing up a post, on my phone editing pictures, at home processing orders or jotting down notes brainstorming podcast episode ideas. My friends and family have to legit fight me to get off the computer. What can I say? I love me some NRJ so it’s easy for me to get caught up in the matrix of work. But not that last stretch of the year. A sista wasn’t feeling any of it. And that’s when stuff went all the way left.

Because I didn’t feel like it– I didn’t post for a month, I missed meetings, was late for work, missed payments, missed a lot– because I let my feelings dictate my actions. Wrong move Jess, wrong move.


 The truth of the matter is– I was worn the eff out. I needed a break. I was starting to feel myself get a bit overwhelmed and exhausted earlier in the fall but I just wouldn’t allow myself to stop. A part of me is always afraid that if I stop for just one second this little empire of mine will crumble. So I push past my body telling me I need to chill. I push past the creative exhaustion. I push until I can’t anymore and then I get into the mess I was in at the end of the year; being all up in my feelings with no work to show for.

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I didn’t want to carry any of that drama into 2018 so I made myself get still. I went back home to Detroit for a week for Christmas and the first thing I did was get some good quality rest. That was half the battle! I didn’t know just how tired I was until I allowed myself to chill. I laid low on social media. Can you say distracted much? Then, I reconnected with my why. I grabbed my journal and was able to remind myself of why I began this blogging + business journey in the first place. I got off track because I lost my alignment with the purpose behind this entire operation– to encourage women to overcome their fears and pursue their passions.

The reason that my discipline and dream work hustle got off track was because I was just straight up exhausted. I was running full speed on empty which made me scatterbrained, overwhelmed and over it. I didn’t trust rest. Taking a break meant defeat for me so I kept pushing but all that push did was make me tap out of the game entirely.

2018 My year Of Discipline, Focus And Rest By Jessica Lauren Of NoRealJewelry.Com 2


This year my goal is to take better care of myself. To get rest when I need to so that I don’t burn out and let my feelings hijack my dedication to my dream work. Balance is the key. My tunnel vision is officially activated. No more getting distracted by social media, what that other blogger is doing or the stats and analytics. I am going to continue to focus on the vision God has placed in my heart, stay disciplined and do the work.

What’s your goal for 2018? Let me know in the comment section!

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