Lessons Learned In November + My One Goal For December


Lessons Learned In November + My One Goal For December by Jessica Lauren Of NoRealJewelry.Com

Y’all November was a wild one for the kid. Everything that could go wrong did. My money was acting a damn fool last month! You see I work freelance. Which means I don’t always know when my next paycheck is coming. For the most part, I am not on a traditional biweekly pay schedule. Often times I have to wait until a project is completed to get paid. Now I’ve been living the freelance life since 2013 so I kinda know how to handle the highs and lows. But when I tell you that I wasn’t prepared for the foolishness of November– I mean it!

I’m talking overdraft fees, insufficient funds and everything in between. One of my projects had the nerve to have some money missing from my young check. Not only that, Navient took out double my payment which caused my account to overdraft, leaving me with negative dollars in my account. Oh yeah and this is only after I called and explicitly asked them to reschedule my auto pay for the following week.😒 But they didn’t hear me though.

The ish was hitting the fan big time in November yall! If you didn’t see me on social media that much last month it was because I was over here at the crib putting out fires, ok?!

Now my normal reaction would have been to freak out, ball up into the fetal position and just lock myself in a room and cry. This time I had an insane amount of peace. Even I was looking like “Jess are you ok? You’re not panicking. We normally panic at this stuff”. Nope, not this time. When financial world war 3 was popping off in my bank account, I just stopped and prayed:

Lord I know you’re not going to leave me out here bogus so please do what you have to do. I trust you. Lead me. Give me peace, oh yeah and some money.

And that was it– peace. I didn’t stress about it. I just hopped in my little Nissan Rogue and drove for Lyft for a little bit to help me get back on my feet. I know you’re probably thinking, “but Jess I thought you had it all together!” 😱  Why? Because my Instagram is cute?! Girl, Bye! I am still trying to figure this thing called life out. Sometimes I’m on top of my ish and others, and well, other times Navient takes out way more money then they’re supposed to and I’m stuck looking like a looker.

Things were tough but I kept doing exactly what 1 Peter 5:7 said to do;

“Cast all your worries and cares to the Lord for He cares about you”.

I stayed faithful to that scripture. Anytime I started to stress, worry or another random billed popped up that I couldn’t pay at the moment– I just prayed about it and gave it to God. And God let me hang on the edge of the cliff for a minute too. Sometimes I think He wants to see just how much we trust Him. Lol!  Then right when I almost broke down– He came in with all the miracles! Checks started pouring in left and right. Insufficient fees were reversed. God had my back all the way! Phew!

Lessons Learned In November And My One Goal For December By Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com 2

So the biggest lesson I learned this month was how to be in a state of peace in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. My normal MO is to worry until I work myself into a panic. Not this time, I did what I’ve been taught to do for years but never quite practiced. I prayed about it and shut down all worry. I was on Pinterest one day and ran across this quote:

“Worrying does nothing but make you suffer twice”

Phew! God has given us all enough strength to deal with the current 24 hours that we are living in the present. Not the what-if’s of the future. Just the now. So that’s what I focused on. The things that I could actually control and I left the rest to God and He provided.

So what’s next? My goal for December is pretty simple. Rest. Stay in peace. And continue to put my trust in God. Last month had so many surprises I need to sit my tail down somewhere. I want to spend time with my family + gear up for all that God has in store for me next year. Hopefully, it’s checks on checks on checks! Lol!


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This post was written by me– Jessica Lauren, the blogger behind #NRJ  and the host of The Sunday Jumpstart Podcast. I live in Chicago and I am super passionate about encouraging women to become Dreamers + Doers. Have any questions, want to say hi or interested in brand sponsorship? Shoot me an email over at Hello@NoRealJewelry.Com


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Jessica Lauren

4 thoughts on “Lessons Learned In November + My One Goal For December

  1. Michele

    This post though!!!!Yes this is me!!! Girl your month has been my year but he has came through for ya girl big time!! I appreciate you sharing your personal experience because sometime we feel as if we are the only ones going through things and listen we don’t even know what the next person is going through!!! Thats why I follow your blog, your real!! Stay strong and stay blessed like Kendrick said “If God got us then we gone be alright”!!!

    1. Jessica | No Real Jewelry Post author

      Girl Michele you are not alone at all! I am right there with you looking like a looker Lol! But like you said God got us then we gonna be alright.Thank you for reading boo and I pray that God comes through and performs a crazy miracle to transform your current situation for the better. 😘

  2. Tavi Johnson

    Loved this post! I have gotten back to praying and don’t plan on stopping. I immediately feel so peaceful after I do so. Especially when trying to navigate friendships (not just romantic) but all types of friendships. I pray for genuine people to come into my life that are not there to compete with me, but we each make each other stronger. Happy holidays and hope you enjoy the rest of 2017!

    1. Jessica | No Real Jewelry Post author

      Girl yes if I don’t pray throughout the day I am a hot mess. I don’t know why I let that habit slip because like you said it helps us out! Let’s keep it up! Happy Holidays and I pray that this new year is a major blessing in your life. Xoxo, Jess


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