The SJS Podcast- Episode No.1 Everything You Feel Isn’t The Truth

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I don’t know about you but there is a voice inside of me that says; “I can’t”. That voice plays on repeat all day. Everyday. It’s loud and insistent and sometimes if I’m not careful, it swallows me up whole. I’ll begin to believe it. It affects the way I run my business. Sometimes I won’t hit “publish” on an article or pitch a sponsor because that voice will whisper; “Jess you’re just not good enough”. I’ll stay in toxic relationships + friendships because that voice says; “Jess, this is as good as it’s going to get because you are unworthy of love”.

Today on the very first episode of The Sunday Jump Start Podcast I’m talking about my struggle to tame my inner critic and how I finally learned that everything I feel isn’t the truth. I share some tips and tricks for overcoming the constant tape of negativity that our inner critic likes to play and replay. I also show you why the inner critic isn’t actually all that bad. It has a well-meaning purpose but if we’re not too careful it can keep us stuck in our comfort zones.

Other Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How to deal with feelings of fear, failure, and defeat.

  • How to validate your inner critic when it is trying to help you out and not let that voice keep you stuck in your comfort zone.

  • Turning down the volume on your negative self-talk by giving yourself proof of the other times in your life that you’ve conquered a tough situation that you didn’t think you’d make it out of.

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 Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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*Playing Big: Practical Wisdom For Women Who Want To Speak Up, Create and Lead – Tara Mohr 

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