A List Of The Things That Keep Me Going When I’m Over It.


A List Of Things That Keep Me Going When I'm Over It by Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com 1

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I am all about that– positive thinking, keep going, your dreams are on the other side of your comfort zone– life, but there are times when even I am just completely over it.¬†From keeping up with my never-ending Navient payments to trying not to freak the eff out over Trump’s latest antics, sometimes dis is just all tew much!

So what do I when I am on the verge of throwing in the towel? I try to get quiet and seek out sources of inspiration. Here’s a list of the things that keep me going and encouraged when I just want to go 2008 Brittney Spears on everyone.

What I listen to:

5 Things That Keep Me Going When I Am Completely Over It by Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com

There are times in my business when I just want to walk clean away. One week I’ll be on top of the world. Getting sales left and right. Readership is through the roof. Sponsorship deals are rolling in. NRJ is on and popping. And then there are weeks when my business is radio silent. No sales. No¬†deals. No¬†nothing. I try not to let it affect me but of course it does because guess what, I am human.

When I am having a rough business week (or hell a rough regular week) I tune into the “How I Built This” Podcast. The host, Guy Raz, interviews some of the top¬†innovators and game changers in the world. I’m talking Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter, Sarah Blakely of Spanx, and Joe Gebbia of Airbnb. And ya’ll seriously this podcast keeps me going! It does such an amazing job of illustrating that the road to success is bumpy for everyone, even the folks who now make millions and run Fortune 500 Companies.

It showcases the sacrifices they had to make, the no’s they had to hear, the funding they didn’t get, the “well that’s a stupid idea” they had to push past. And it proves that hard work and sleepless nights eventually do pay off. Even when it feels like it’s all in vain. So when I’m feeling rejected and like my dreams are unattainable I listen to How I Built This and then I realize that I am in good¬†company; many of the greats have felt just as crazy and lost in their business in the beginning just like I do and that gives me the push to keep going. And listen, you don’t have to be running your own business, this podcast is pure inspiration for anyone who is trying hard to reach a goal!

One of my favorite episodes is with Tariq Farid of Edible Arrangements. His story is super inspiring, it should be one of the first episodes you check out!

The 5 Things That Keep Me Going When I'm Over It By Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com 2

Honorable Mentions:

Living Over Existing Podcast with Alisha Byrd

Being Boss With Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson *PS I’m on Episode #134 Check that one out!

Playing Big Audio Book by Tara Mohr

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do Audio Book by Amy Morin

What I Watch:

I stumbled across The Defiant Ones one night when I was trying to fall asleep. Does anybody else fall asleep with the tv on? I know it’s bad but I do. Anyway, I kinda thought I’d¬†halfway watch it because I already knew¬†of Dr. Dre’s story and didn’t think I needed to pay close attention. (That way I could fall asleep Lol!) ¬†Mannnnn was I wrong! Yo, this documentary is INSANE in a good way! It’s the story of how Dr. Dre and Jimmy Irvine created Beats By Dre and scored a multi-billion dollar contract with Apple. What’s cool about the doc is that it highlights how crazy and all over the place their journeys were to get there. It’s about saying no when it just doesn’t feel right. Trusting your instinct. Having a creative process and just being down for the ride. Seriously, when you have a chance check out this 4 part documentary. It will definitely get you inspired to keep creating and chasing after your goals.

Honorable Mentions:

Octavia Spencer’s Embrace The Mess Speech + Stop Comparing

Oprah talks about being still and going within to find your next step. 

Chef’s Table Seasons 1-3 On Netflix¬†


What I Read:

A List Of Things That Keep Me Going When I Am Over It You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com 2

One thing that makes me want to shut off my phone and bury my head in a vat of chocolate ice cream and cry is money. Not having enough of it. Not knowing what to do with when I do I have it. I stress over bills. Savings. The whole 9 yards. I’d seen this book more than a couple of times and kinda rolled my eyes at it. “I am a badass at making money? ūü§Ē “Sure! What kinda get quick rich scheme is Jen Sincero selling here?” I thought. But a few weeks ago I was stuck in the airport and my laptop died (Dear O’hare can ya’ll get some outlets in your terminals for goodness sake?!?) and I guess curiosity killed the cat so I purchased it. I haven’t laughed so hard and said “yassss girl” to a book in a long time. Jen just gets me. And not in Dave Ramsey preachy way. Dave, I love you but sometimes you be hollering too much. Jen was broke forever and didn’t get her act together until she was in her 40’s. (yes ladies, there is still time to get our acts together! ). Her advice is practical, funny and the way she breaks down our relationship with money is fascinating. I didn’t realize I had such a weirdo belief system around money until reading her book. So if money is one of the things that stress you the hell out, read *You Are A Badass At Making Money. It’s encouraging, funny and not judgemental at all.

Honorable Mentions:

Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out And Lonely 

The Power Of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life And Business 

The Dreamer + Doer Necklace by Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com

This post was written by NoRealJewelry.Com creator Jessica Lauren. She lives in Chicago and is passionate about encouraging women to become Dreamers + Doers.

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