My Goals For October ’17


My Goals For October 17 by Jessica Lauren of NorealJewelry.Com 1

I’ve been dealing with anxiety on and off for the majority of my adult life. Earlier this summer I had it under control. A negative thought would pop into my head and I’d be like; “Nope! not ta-day satan!” and keep it moving. But September, Oh September did a number on me. 😩 I don’t know what it was but your girl was worried about everything under the sun.

Was ending that relationship the right thing to do or should I have fought for it a little harder?

Where the heck is my money coming from this month? –ya’ll freelance money comes and goes as it pleases.

How in the world can I make NRJ a full-time thriving business?

Should I move back home and be closer to my family since a bunch of my closest friends all moved out of state? My relationship is over. Maybe there’s just nothing in Chicago for me anymore.

Those thoughts have been circling around in my head for the entire month of September. Loneliness, uncertainty and just feeling straight up insecure in every aspect of my life. Bummer right?

Well, my goal for the entire month of October is to get into the very intentional habit of casting my cares and worries to God.

Give all your worries and cares to God because He cares for you-

1 Peter 5:7

My goal is to close my eyes when I am starting to go down that negative spiral and give all those heavy burdens to God in prayer. I want to be still and quiet instead of freaking out about things that haven’t even happened yet. No more trying to do every single thing in my own might. I want to humble my ego and admit that sometimes I just need help. I want to be secure in my choices and trust that God is better than Google maps, that He will re-route me if I take a wrong turn.

Now if you’ve been reading #NRJ for a while you know that this is always my goal. I bet you are probably thinking, “isn’t Jess always trying not to worry?” Girl YES!

What I am learning is that the fight towards peace and joy is a daily one. Every single morning I have to wake up and make the choice to fight for my peace. I have to fight to be secure in my choice to let go. I can’t just sit back and let my feelings run wild. Now I am learning that I must take an active stance in those critical pieces of my being and TAKE my power back. You see, I used to just let my mind think whatever thoughts that came to mind. Or let my mouth speak whatever it wanted to say. “I’m always broke. There are no good men. I can’t catch a break.” Oh, no baby, what is you doing? I have to get that mess in check!

My Goals For October 17 by Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com 2

And one way of doing that is giving the things that stress me out, that I cannot change– to God. I’ve tried to worry money into my bank account. Or worry a man into loving me again. Not anymore. My goal is to let God handle that stuff. I haven’t done a good job with it in my own might so far anyway. Lol! So I might as well give that stuff to God and not let in fester in my mind and heart.

What are your goals for October? Let me know in the comment section!

The Dreamer + Doer Necklace by Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com

This post was written by NoRealJewelry.Com creator Jessica Lauren. She lives in Chicago and is passionate about encouraging women to become Dreamers + Doers.

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Jessica Lauren

8 thoughts on “My Goals For October ’17

  1. Tasha

    We all worry. Others are more transparent about what is causing strife in their life, but I see that as being obedient to God and showing your true self. Allowing others to see you fall short daily and if it wasn’t for the grace of God You wouldn’t be here. I know October will be great month for you, friend. You’re on the right path ❤️

    1. Jessica | No Real Jewelry Post author

      Yes mayum! God has laid it on my heart to share the good, the bad and ugly. Just to show other people that they are not alone in this and that we can beat it. I believe October will usher in so much newness and joy for both of us Tasha. I can’t wait to see how God moves through us and for us!

  2. Naisha

    I started doing this 21 day breakthrough study and 🙌🏽 When applying the word to your life worry decreases tremendously! The First Lady at my church is well in her 60’s looking like she 40! That Jesus life will keep you young, stress free and aging gracefully! Love you Jess!

  3. Trena

    I honestly have been playing tug a war with god. Giving it to him then taking it back, this game has left me frustrated and depleted. The devil has been trying to stop me as well. So thank u for being transparent. You got this!

    1. Jessica | No Real Jewelry Post author

      Trena! That is exactly how I feel– Like I’m playing tug of war! You nailed it right on the head with that one. I don’t know why we take it all back. I guess it’s a control thing. I’m over that. I need to give it to God and keep it moving. We got this Trena! I’ll be praying for you this week!


  4. Natasha

    You must’ve been peaking into my life for the past few weeks – that’s the only way you could have written all this truth about what’s happening to me RIGHT NOW! Girl, this was a rhema word! Been in a daily fight with anxiety and some days are better than others, but I’m always comforted when I know I’m not alone. If it’s okay with you, I’m going to borrow this goal too. I’m learning have to be intentional about stopping the spiraling thoughts. I promise, my mind has a unique gift of being able to go from 0 to 100 in no time flat. Anyhow, thank you for this. Gonna give those burdens and worries to God and try my darndest to leave them there. Will be praying for you!

    1. Jessica | No Real Jewelry Post author

      Please steal away! Girl and you already know you’re not alone in this at all. I am right there with you trying my hardest not to let my crazy thoughts win. We got this Naisha! Let’s continue to give it all to God!


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