Cooking With Hello Fresh!

Cooking WIth Hello Fresh By Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com 1

I travel a ton for work. I’m not talking a few days here and there. According to my Marriott app, I have spent close to 950 nights at their lovely hotel. Yep, that’s right! I’ve basically spent 3 whole years in a hotel.  That’s not even counting all the other chains I stay at from time to time. Nonetheless, you get the point– a sista be gone. ✈️

When I’m on the road I eat out a ton, so when I’m back home in Chicago all I want to do is cook my own meals. And now that my metabolism has slowed down (thank you 30’s 😒 ) I try my hardest to make sure all of my meals are yummy and super healthy!

So I go to the grocery store with the best intentions and stock up on all the fresh fruits and veggies. But I wind up having to dump a lot of it because I get the call to go out of town. I know right? Such a total waste and I hate it. So for the past few months, I’ve been trying to figure out how to eat healthily without all the waste. Hire a personal chef to cook for me? In my dreams! Meal prep? Yeah but that gets kinda boring. I was racking my brain for a solution and then stumbled across an ad for Hello Fresh on Instagram and my problem was solved!

Cooking With Hello Fresh by Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com

How Does It Work?

Hello Fresh is beyond easy! All you have to do is go online and pick the plan that works best for you. You can choose from classic, vegetarian or family. Then you choose how many people you want to cook for (2 to 4 People) and how often you want to cook (2 to 5 meals per week). You take a peek at the online weekly menu and pick out the recipes you want to try. You schedule your delivery day and voila a refrigerated box arrives at your doorsteps with super healthy ingredients and recipes for you to try! Shipping is free and each serving costs roughly $9.99. There’s no commitment. If you want a box that week you order one, if not you hit the skip button and keep living your life. Not bad right?

I’m not going to lie I was super geeked to try Hello Fresh out! I was so shocked to see how incredibly fresh everything was. All of the meat was in ice boxes and the spices and veggies were neatly packed into brown paper bags. Apparently, my box was delivered in the morning and I didn’t pick it up until 7p and everything was still super cold. I was so worried that my box would be full of wilted veggies and warm meat, but that wasn’t the case at all. They have it all figured it out! Now let’s get to the fun part, the actual meals!

My “Classic” Hello Fresh Meals

Cooking With Hello Fresh by Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com -- Crispy Fish Tacos

Meal #1: Crispy Fish Tacos

With Lime Carrot Slaw + Sour Cream

Yo, these tacos were so darn good and super easy to make. Everything I needed was already in the box. Except for the peeler, I had to go to TJMaxx for that. But I followed the steps of the recipe to the T and the tacos came out perfectly. What was pretty cool is that you can follow the recipe on the pictured sheets that come included in the box. Or you can follow the recipe in the app which includes a timer. Now that’s dope. It took me all of 30 minutes to make this meal! Fast, healthy, yummy and cheap? Keep signing me up!

Cooking With Hello Fresh by Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com 2

Meal #2 Sizzling Southwestern Chicken

With Sweet Potato, Bell Pepper + Feta Jumble.

Cooking With Hello Fresh Sizzling Southwestern Chicken With Sweet Potato Bell Pepper and Feta Jumble By Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com

Another amazing dish! Again it took me all of 30 minutes to prep and make. Which is a major win because I don’t have time to make super elaborate meals. Quick and easy always works for me. I will say I wasn’t a huge fan of the sweet potato. I thought I’d like it but it was a– “naw for me big dog”. Once I took those pieces out, I was good to go!

I really like Hello Fresh because it takes the guess work out of “What’s for dinner tonight?”. Having a menu with a variety of meals to choose from keeps eating healthy from getting boring. I get stuck in the–chicken, broccoli, brown rice rut, so having fun recipes on deck motivates me to stay the course on my healthy eating journey. I also really like how everything is already portioned out. Each box contains exactly what you need. No rush to the grocery store to get that one random ingredient to never use again–hello, Worcester sauce. If the recipe calls for a teaspoon of cornstarch, Hello Fresh will give you just that with just a little extra in case you make a mistake. I’m not switching over completely to Hello Fresh but I like having it in my back pocket when I run out of ideas or I have a busy week when I know I can’t get to the store.

Want to give Hello Fresh a try? Get $40 off your first box by signing up here! 

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