#ICYMI: Guarding Your Vision. Why You Can’t Tell Everybody Your Business (Video)

ICYMI Guard Your Vision Why You Can't Tell Everybody Your Business by Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com

I’ve always been a pretty open person. For the most part, if you ask me I will tell you. I have no problems sharing my who, what, when and wheres. That is until recently. Ever since I started #NRJ I have learned to keep my big mouth shut. People mean well, I swear to goodness they do. But since I’ve started this blogging/ entrepreneur journey I’ve learned that everybody and their momma has a not so welcomed opinion and they have no problems sharing it with you.

Why would you want to start a business? This economy still sucks! And you didn’t even go to school for business anyway!

A blog? People don’t even read anymore!

You want to help inspire women? Girl Bye! You ain’t Oprah!


That’s ALOT to hear right?!? Especially if you’re a little scared and insecure about the leap of faith you are trying to take in your life in the first place. Here’s the thing, I don’t believe that all people are trying to hate on your glow up. I think most of the people in your life love you very much and want the best for you; they’re just afraid. They don’t want you to fail, get hurt or see you make costly mistakes. So out of fear they will try to convince you to put your dreams back to sleep. See what I did there? 😜

Take a peek at this video to learn how I deal with the naysayers, where I do find support, and how I make major moves without ever announcing them prematurely!

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Jessica Lauren

4 thoughts on “#ICYMI: Guarding Your Vision. Why You Can’t Tell Everybody Your Business (Video)

  1. Katie

    Right on, Jess. I agree with your sentiments about not putting your dreams back to sleep. Now that I am in my 30’s, it seems I’m actually starting to understand this world (sort of 😂) and I have seen way to many people settling for what doesn’t make them happy so they can pay the bills/feel secure, but they aren’t fufilled- what’s the point? Life has its ups and downs and your money will fluctuate, but put that faith in God and wake your dreams up. Your an inspiration to me, Jess! Keep it up!!

    1. Jessica | No Real Jewelry Post author

      Thank you so much, Katie! That really made my whole entire day! Girl yes! God has placed a calling and special gifts on every single one of us. But life just gets in the way and we wind up in the rat race. But girl, if we can just tap into that dream, we could have a major impact on our own little worlds. It’s hard to awaken to but so worth it!

  2. Melissa Javan

    Wow – I needed to read this. I’ve heard my people not being so positive when I tell them about my ventures, what you say makes so much sense. Thank you. Came across your blog after hearing you on BeingBoss

    1. Jessica | No Real Jewelry Post author

      Hey, Melissa! Thanks for checking out the episode and stopping by! Yeah, I’ve learned to keep my vision hush- hush. Not to be deceptive but to protect it. I just let my work speak for itself. Thanks for reading!



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