Why I Decided To Rock A Capsule Wardrobe This Summer.


Why I decided to rock a capsule wardrobe this summer by Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com

You know when you’re on Pinterest and you see all those pictures about how to make a capsule wardrobe?  Yeah me too, and I normally scroll right past them and keep living my life. That is, until last month when I was having a mid-life closet crisis.

Every time I stepped foot into my overstuffed, ran down closet I got slightly depressed. I would go in my there and stumble over mounds of clothes that I couldn’t fit and didn’t want to wear. Clothes, shoes, and purses that were falling apart at the seams but that I didn’t have the heart to let go of. It was all bad! I was holding onto all of that stuff because of my lack mentality which you can read more about here. 

I finally got rid of all the clutter which was a major relief but I barely had any clothes left on the hangers. So it was a clear opportunity for me to start over and get my shop on! This time I was determined to fill my clothes with quality pieces that I absolutely loved and that would stand the test of style time.

So like any Fashionista would, I went on a shopping spree! I started buying every single piece that caught my eye. With no direction or intent. If I liked it I bought it. After Chase Bank told me to sit my azz down, I realized I was kinda perpetuating the same cycle. Yes, I was buying quality pieces but did I really need all of that? Did I seriously need 10 dresses, 19 pairs of shoes, 17 shirts? No. Not at all. Why? Well, because only 20% of the things in my closet made up 80% of my looks, (google “The 80/20 Rule” and thank me later). Seriously out of 20 plus dresses I had, I only wore 3 on the regular. So why in the hell was I doing the most?

Out of habit! We are taught that more is always better. Which wasn’t my truth at all! Yes, it was cool to see a bunch of clothes in my closet. But if I only wore 20% of those items, wasn’t the rest kinda wasteful? For me, yes.

So I hit pause on my ball so hard life +  I started researching what a Capsule Wardrobe was all about. The more I learned about it, I knew it was a direction I wanted to go in. The premise is pretty simple.

  • Get an idea of how you want to look for the season. I knew I wanted to look super feminine and pulled together. My style muse was, of course, Tracee Ellis Ross, duh! Lol! So I went to my bestie Pinterest + pretty much created an inspiration board with the look and vibe I wanted this summer. Why I Decided To Give Capsule Wardrobes A Go by Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com 1

  • Create A Color + Fabric Scheme. Once I got an idea of the overall theme; I picked out fabrics, textures and a color scheme that I wanted to stick with this season. My love for rocking denim lasts all year round, so it was a no-brainer that I would be rocking denim this summer. I wanted to mix the denim with flirty and femme lightweight tops. So I made sure to be on the look out for super light linen and soft cotton tops and blouses. I also wanted to add a bit more color to my wardrobe. I’m typically a white, gray and neutrals person. So my compromise was sticking with my love for those more muted colors but adding a pop of color.  The easiest and cutest way for me to do that was incorporating florals. Florals + Denim was going to be my capsule theme for the summer.

  • Create A Plan Of Attack.   Now it’s time to play the numbers game. I had to sit down and figure out how much I was willing to spend for the season. I decided to budget $400 for my Summer Capsule. I knew I could get my hands on some of my key basic pieces from the thrift store. Please don’t sleep on the thrift store! It’s pretty much heaven for staple pieces. They carry good quality brands for a scandalously deep discount. Shopping at the thrift store also gave me wiggle room in my budget for more expensive pieces from stores like Zara and Asos. Once I decided how much I wanted to spend, I made a list of the stores + sites I wanted to hit up and the number of pieces I’d wanted to buy. I was reading a few articles on Pinterest about women that keep only 37 pieces in their capsule wardrobes (they’re the real minimalistic MVP’s 🏆). I’m not quite about that life just yet, but I did want to focus on less being more. I purchased 3 dresses instead of 15. Once I got my strategy in place I got my shop on! Oh and P.S. All of the clothes in my closet weren’t a complete mess, so I shopped my closet and incorporated some of those pieces into the capsule. Why I Decided To Give A Capsule Wardrobe A Try by Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com 3

  • Stick To The Capsule + Don’t Buy More (Until it’s time to shop for the next season).  Listen I can shop til I drop with the best of them, but this year I’ve been working hard to shift my focus from looking good to experiencing good. I want to use my money to usher good experiences into my life. More travels, more financial freedom, more business investments, more self-care. I want to pay off debt and no longer be a slave to the bills. I want to be able to create wealth and legacy for me and my family and I couldn’t do that when I was spending frivolously on any old thing that caught my eye at Forever 21. Having a capsule wardrobe has freed up my money and helped me pay down my debt. It’s freed up my time. I don’t stand in the closet wasting time wondering what the heck I’m going to wear because every single piece has been carefully curated. To be honest, my capsule wardrobe even helps me feel more boss. I feel more confident, polished and like I can take over the world because I invested in pieces that I truly love and that won’t fall apart with one just one wash. Here’s just a peek at some of my capsule pieces in action! If you like these looks you can get all the details on them here, here, here and here.Why I Decided To Give A Capsule Wardrobe A Try by Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com 2

    So far, I’m loving this capsule wardrobe life! Do you think you could ever scale your closet back? Have you ever tried it? Let me know in the comment section!

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Jessica Lauren

6 thoughts on “Why I Decided To Rock A Capsule Wardrobe This Summer.

  1. Lindsay

    So I’m actually doing something similar. I decided that I was going to go a year without buying any clothes (and things for my home). When I really thought about it, I definitely don’t need anything. If something happens to a pair of jeans, I still have others. Although, I will say I really do love your flares.

    I think we indirectly train ourselves to acquire stuff, and it’s hard to break that habit. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with your summer capsule!

    1. Jessica | No Real Jewelry Post author

      You know what’s funny? I was thinking about doing a full year too! As much as I love fashion- I don’t love the mental and physical clutter. I’m testing out how I feel about it this summer (which I am loving by the way) and will more than likely implement it for the rest of the year. You have to share your looks Lindsay! I love seeing how other women rock their capsules! Here’s to the capsule life! 🍾🥂 Lol!

  2. Britney

    This post was such an awesome read! I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe and even considered attempting it for myself. I always closet purge. Like religiously lol. I give away tons of things to family and friends and I start fresh with a clear closet and a clear direction of what it is that i need for each season, as well as what style I want to portray. I always encourage my clients to do the same, as this is a healthy fashion lifestyle. They get scared of the word minimalism. There’s this stigma of more being better, bet if you’re not using it, you’re being wasteful and intentionally wasting money. I agree with you 100%

    1. Jessica | No Real Jewelry Post author

      Britney, you are so right!!! I used to think minimalism was intimidating too until I started getting overwhelmed with all of the extra-ness, now I am so about that edited closet life! More definitely isn’t always better, that’s for sure! Thanks so much for taking the time to read! Xoxo, Jess

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