Re:| Focus Series- 4 Ways To Boost Your Productivity While You Goal Chase


Re Focus Series 4 Ways To Boost Your Productivity While You Goal Chase By Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com 1

I almost had a nervous breakdown last month. I wish I was exaggerating but girlfriend I am NOT. I had so much work to do but got so overwhelmed because I had no clue where to even start. Don’t believe me? Just watch!

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Anywhoo, I was struggling to be as productive as I wanted to be because I had lost sight of my vision. I was super distracted by any and everything.  And to be honest, I was starting to get scared. Listen, stepping into your purpose is a scary thing, so to say I was a hot mess is a legit understatement.

So I decided to take the entire month of May off from blogging so that I could get back realigned with my why. My purpose. Sometimes the vision can get lost in the doing of all the things. So I had to sit down and get back to my purpose. I also picked up a copy of Getting Things Done: The Art Of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen . Yo, David dropped a ton of knowledge on how to get things done and now!

So now that I did some soul searching and got equipped with new wisdom and systems I want to get my share on. Here are a few tips to help you tune out distractions, and get the dream work done!

Do It Now, Do It Later, Delegate It, Delete It 

This method has been such a game changer for me! I used to just write a massive to-do list with things that ranged in scale from super urgent to “girl it ain’t that serious”. And that my friend is where the overwhelm came from. I had things on my to-do list like; “connect with the publicist about brand collaboration” and “wash 2 loads of laundry”. Both needed to get done but the weight of importance was totally different. Was washing the laundry going to get me financial freedom? Was it going to help me make important connections in my business? No. Then why the heck was it on the list? Yes, I needed to get it done. Hell, it HAS to get done if I want clean draws, but  I needed to focus the most energy and creativity on the tasks that would propel my business forward. That washing of the laundry was taking up space in a place where I needed to be focused on the overall scope of my vision–becoming my own boss and helping other women overcome their fears and pursue their God-given passions.

So I started using this method and it really has helped me prioritize importance and focus. And it also helped me realize that half of the stuff I was worried about was stuff I could’ve easily delegated to someone else. Or heck even delete all together! That deleting ish off of my to-do list, straight delivered me ok?! Here’s an example of it in action:

Re Focus Series 4 Ways To Boost Your Productivity While You Goal Chase by Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com 2

So let’s break it down a little further:

Do It now:

These are the things that are urgent and cannot wait to be done. These tasks usually have deadlines. Papers that are due, parking tickets that need to be mailed TODAY before they double (ask me how I know about that😒). Usually, these tasks are priorities that cannot be put off. Focus on these things first!

Do It Later

These are the tasks that can be put off for another date or time. In the example above I scheduled responding to emails, and social media comments for later that night. Responding to all that stuff in real time is distracting AF. Those tasks aren’t as important as courting a potential brand for a collaboration but it’s still a vital part of running the blog. So I start my day off using my best energy, brain power and creativity doing the tasks that will get me more bang for my buck. And I schedule the tasks that are important but just don’t need my full attention at the time for later. So get in the habit of scheduling things for later and commit to doing them when later comes!

Delegate it

I drop off my laundry. I know right? Sounds boujee . But it ain’t. Sometimes you have to buy your time back. I used to spend a couple of hours a week climbing up 3 flights of stairs (I have 65 stairs by the way, yes I counted!) to do my laundry. And then another hour or so folding and hanging those clothes up. Now I drop them off and let someone else do all that. That $1 a pound is worth the amount of time I get back. Delegating the laundry to someone else allows me to focus on the blog, process orders, go to meetings and trainings. Learn how to buy your time back and delegate some of your responsibilities to someone else. Could you be studying for your LSAT instead of grocery shopping? Give Instacart, Amazon Now, Pea Pod or Hello Fresh a try! I just ran out of paper towels, soap and I need a new mop. You best believe I just ordered all of that on Amazon so that I could keep pushing through!  Shoot pay your nephew $5 to come over and wash your dishes while you work on your thesis. Ask your bestie if she wouldn’t mind helping with picking up your kiddos so that you can workout. You don’t have to do all the things by yourself. Ask for help or pay for some!

Delete It/Drop It

Do you really have to complete that survey Starbucks sent you? Nope? Delete it off of your to-do list. Do you really need to scroll Instagram every single night for at least an hour while you’re “chilling”? Drop the things that are time wasters and don’t align with your goals. It’s INSANE how much time we waste doing things that don’t need our attention. I love a good TV sesh but it’s a major time waster. So, I’ve started recording all of my shows and watching them on Saturday’s. Saturday is my designated chill day, so that’s the appropriate time to watch my shows, not while I’m blogging. Eliminate the time wasters and get the important work done!

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Jessica Lauren

2 thoughts on “Re:| Focus Series- 4 Ways To Boost Your Productivity While You Goal Chase

  1. Sophie

    I’ve been following your blog since october, the posts have helped me stay focus on my tasks for work and enroll for school. It also helps that we share the same name as well :). Thank you for being you all ways, always

    1. Jessica | No Real Jewelry Post author

      Oh wow! Girl I am cheesing from ear to ear right now! Thank you so much for reading. My prayer is that this little blog of mine helps encourage women to overcome their fears + pursue their passions full force. I am just go grateful that God chose to use my raggedy butt lol! Congrats on enrolling in school and juggling all the things. I am so excited for you! Stay the course, it may get hard but you most definitely got this!



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