How To Get Back On Track With Your Goals: Midyear Edition

How To Get Back On Track With Your Goals Midyear Edition Jessica Lauren of


Every day is an opporunity to be everything you weren’t yesterday.

You’ve probably seen this quote plastered across the blog, my Twitter, Instagram– Heck, it’s even written on a chalkboard wall in my apartment. To say that it’s my favorite quote is a complete understatement.

You see, I am the queen of falling off. Let me explain. I have the best intentions, I really do but sometimes I just fall off. I want to wake up at 7am, make a green smoothie and do yoga at the beach. Do I do it? No. I want to pay my debt off in its entirety. Do I do the work to pay it down consistently? Hmm, not really cause Zara stay having a sale. Lol!  I want to lose about 15 pounds but how am I really expected to turn down pizza?

I want so badly to knock all my goals out of the park but sometimes life just gets in the way. Ok, it’s not just life, sometimes I get off track for a bunch of reasons. Mainly because I bite off more than I can chew. I get lazy + unmotivated. The work gets too hard. I start to feel defeated so I just quit. Sound familiar?

June is here, which is a glaring reminder that we are half way done with the whole of 2017. Crazy right? Instead of letting the next 6 months whiz by without you (and me) accomplishing one of the goals our hearts was so set on achieving way back in January, now’s the time to get refocused. You don’t have to wait until next January rolls around. You can restart your goal chase today!

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Here Are 3 Simple + Doable Ways To Get Back On Track With Goals.

Reflect + Modify:


  • Go back and take a peek at that vision board you created. Or re-read your journal. Now’s the time to go back and reconnect with your intentions. Do you still want to take a trip to Maui for your 30th birthday? Are you still interested in going back to school for your master’s? Is becoming a vegetarian as important to you as it was at the top of the year? Perhaps the reason you haven’t quite met those goals is that the game done changed! Maybe the new birthday spot is Bali. If that’s the case, go ahead and remove those old goals from your list. They’re taking up space for things you really do want. Sit down and get quiet and figure out what you do want your life to look like over the course of the next 6 months. Maybe you want a more healthy lifestyle which now includes your mental health. So maybe your new goal not only includes working out 3 times a week but also going to counseling every two weeks. Whatever it is, spend some time reflecting on what it is you truly want + then jot those things down. Goals become more concrete once you write them down.

Write it down on real paper with a real pencil + watch ish get real. – Erykah Badu


Make A Daily Bold Action:

  • Success does not happen overnight. Success is in the small steps that are taken every single day. Instead of being like me and trying to conquer all the things in one sitting😒  do just one thing each day that will propel you closer to your dreams. One major key about this method; is that it helps you prioritize what’s important and will get you actual results on your to-do list. Instead of spending energy doing busy work, focus on the work that will give you the most bang for your buck. This mindset has helped me out TREMENDOUSLY. Instead of scheduling out social media (a very important aspect of blogging but to be honest, it’s busy work). I can take a bold action and reach out to a brand I’ve been crushing on in hopes of collaborating with them on a project. Catch my drift? The busy work still needs to get done but it doesn’t have to get the same precedence as the work that will actually propel you forward!

  • For example, instead of writing down “wash 3 loads of laundry” on your to-do list –use that valuable notebook real estate for an action that will propel you further. The laundry will ALWAYS get done no matter what so focus your attention on that promotion you’ve dreaming about for the past two years. Perhaps your Daily Bold Action could be “schedule a meeting with my boss for next Monday so that we can finally talk about my promotion”. The latter example is a specific, do-able action that will definitely get you closer to your goal of promotion!

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Treat Yo’Self:

  • I don’t know about you but I’m more inclined to get work done if there’s a reward at the end of the tunnel. I have a huge project that I want to get done by October. One of my incentives is to purchase my first ever grown ass woman bag. I’m not knocking my cute $30 dolla holla bags but they break down on a sista after a few wears. I’ve decided to invest in quality pieces and I’ve been eyeing this one Marc Jacobs bag, Oh and a YSL one too. I’ve already started saving towards my reward and cannot wait until I knock the project out so I can celebrate with my bag! Now treating yourself doesn’t have to be that major. Unless you’re like me and actually want to do something big that you ordinarily wouldn’t do. It can be something as small as, taking a week off of work to rest once your huge goal is met. Or a road trip somewhere fun. Heck, it could even be to hire a chef to meal prep for you once you’ve met your weight loss goal. The point is to acknowledge all of the hard work and sacrifices that you made!

Instead of trying to tackle all of your goals by yourself, let’s do it together! That’s right, let’s use this upcoming week to strategize, prioritize, do the work, and cross one major goal off of your to-do list.

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