3 Ways To Stay Consistent While Chasing After Your Dreams

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Can you believe that 8 months in 2016 have already come and gone?

That’s right, It’s August which means there are only four more months left in this year to accomplish the goals you set forth to demolish way back in January.

How does that sound to you?

Does that motivate you to dust off your old raggedy planner that’s buried underneath the back seat of your car and immediately get back to work?

Does it overwhelm you?

Are you shooting yourself in the foot because you’re realizing that you could’ve surpassed your goals by now if you stayed committed to the dream?

Whatever thoughts (especially the negative ones) are flooding your mind right now,


Go somewhere in your home and get quiet.

Take a deep breath.

 Begin to forgive yourself for all of the shoulda, coulda wouldas.

Acknowledge that you had the best intentions at the top of the year and admit where you may have dropped the ball.

After that, release yourself from the guilt of inactivity.

 If you don’t take a minute to forgive yourself for not reaching your goals then your inner critic will torture you with incessant reminders of how you could’ve already achieved them. That annoying voice will stop at nothing to convince you that it’s too late, you’ve already failed and that there is no point in trying now.

 Well, that’s a complete lie! I am here to tell you that now’s the time to get to work and win this thing!

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Now that you’ve silenced that loud and negative voice in your head, go back and take a look at your Vision Board (Haven’t made one yet? Check out a few examples of the ones that were made at The Sunday JumpStart Vision Board Party I threw back in June). Re-read your journal or your goals list, start to plot out a plan of attack. Figure out small actionable steps you can take to get your dreams in motion. Once that plan is in place the next step is to be consistent in your dream work.


Here’s 3 Ways to Step Your Consistency Game Up!


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  1. Keep Your Goals In Sight:  Get visual with your goals. Create a vision board, tape a list of your goals onto the bathroom mirror, pin your favorite images and quotes to a Pinterest Board that reflect the dreams you are trying to achieve. Whatever visual form you chose, be sure that you can SEE what it is you’re trying to accomplish every single day. Having that constant reminder of what you’re trying to accomplish will motivate you to keep hustling!

  2. Check In With Your Accountability Partner: An accountability partner is someone you trust that will encourage you at all times to chase after your dreams. This person is super supportive, honest and really does root for you “Bring It On” style. It could be your bestie, boo, mom, or co-worker; whoever it is, share your goals with them.  Ask them to help you stay accountable to the dream. 

    This summer, my friend Marielou and I met at least once a week and had what we deemed #GirlBossTime . We’d set up shop at a coffee house and worked on our respective projects. We chatted about our goals, frustrations, accomplishments and then we just got to work. Those little sessions kept me on my toes all summer long.  I went from being a talker to a doer because I had someone in my corner who was not buying into any of my excuses or letting me off the hook. She kept me accountable to my dream work.

      Reach out to someone in your life that you trust and ask them to check in with you and your goals. Having that support and push will help you do the work and do it consistently. 

  3. Schedule Time Each Day To Focus Solely On Your Goal And Stick To It:   Start scheduling your dream work into your planners and calendars. My life has changed drastically since I started penciling my goals into my calendar. I etch out time each day to blog, to exercise, heck I even do it to read leisurely. Do you want to know why? Well, once it’s scheduled into a calendar, it’s set in stone. You won’t have to motivate yourself to “feel” like doing the dream work because it’s already scheduled in. Give yourself an hour block of time each day to work on one specific goal. If you can do more, great! Just make sure to dedicate time and space to actually do the work. It’s a small action but it packs a major consistency punch!


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Having goals and dreams is one thing, but doing the work consistently is another. The best way to get the next level in your life is to work hard at it each and every day. Commitment and consistency are your best friends in the goals game.



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Jessica Lauren

3 thoughts on “3 Ways To Stay Consistent While Chasing After Your Dreams

  1. Chamel

    Love these tips! I’ve actually been implementing these and it’s truly been a blessing. Incorporating more rest has also allowed me to be productive and not busy. Spending time in God’s word and allowing Him to order my steps keeps me focused, intentional, and consistent. Thanks again girl and blessings to you!!

    1. Jessica | No Real Jewelry Post author

      Now see, that’s what I need to work on–getting more rest and taking care of me. When I put those two on the back burner I am a hot mess. Chamel my favorite book right now is “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. It’s a book of devotionals that I read in the morning and let me tell you it has deepened my relationship with God and kept me so centered. I should’ve added these tips in the post too, Lol! I hope you have an incredible weekend! Xoxo, Jess

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