Miscellaneous // June 17, 2017
I’m Obsessed With… Vol. #1

You guys this week has been such a dope week of discoveries! I found a cool roof top and stumbled into a crazy party. I’ve been vibing out to some super talented artists and eating some of the best food EVVVVEERR! It got me to thinking; Girl you should be sharing all this good good with your readers.🤔 So here

How I Keep My Teeth Pearly White With Plus White 5 Minute Premier Whitening Kit by Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.Com 1
Beauty // June 16, 2017
How I Keep My Teeth Pearly White

  I have one of the biggest smiles in the game. Seriously, take a peek at any picture of me and there’s a 90% chance that you can see all 50 million of my teeth. Because I have such a huge grin, I refuse to get caught slipping with yellow teeth. My obsession with white teeth started at a young

What's In My Bag Travel Edition Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.com
Style // June 12, 2017
What’s In My Bag? #Travel Edition

When I was little I used to walk up to just about any and every woman and ask them; “can I see what’s in your purse?”. Some ladies would just look at me like I was crazy. Well, I guess it was a little crazy. 😜  And others would oblige my cooky request and let me rummage through their most